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1st Century – Amra Bint Abdurrahman

We launch our journey through 15 centuries of female scholarship with Amra bint AbdurRahman, a scholar, jurist and role model of the 1st Hijri century.

2nd Century – Nafisa Al Tahira

Welcome to the 2nd century AH, where we meet Nafisa al Tahira, a great granddaughter of the Prophet (S) and caretaker of the ummah who became the Shaikha of Egypt. Learn about her extraordinary life and accomplishments in this video.

3rd Century – Fatima Al Fihri

In the face of today’s difficult news, we travel to North Africa to fill your newsfeeds with a bit of beauty: Sayyida Fatima al Fihri, an institution builder who began the oldest still-functioning university in the world. She built an institution open to all: Pope Sylvester was one of the esteemed students of al-Qarawiyyin as were many others. Her university is a reminder of the work we can accomplish when we unite our communities. Learn about her and the institution she built in this video.

4th Century – Maryam Al Astrolabiyya

Ever wondered how Muslims of old calculated prayer times or found the qibla? One way was a tool called an astrolabe, which was developed by our very own Maryam al Astrolabiyya. Find out more about Sayyida Maryam, her work and accomplishments in this video.

5th Century – Karima Bint Ahmad Al – Marwaziyya

Today we meet a traveller, hadith specialist, and phenomenal scholar who began her life in Turkmenistan. Upon settling in the Holy City, she becamse known as the Shaykha of Mecca. Find out more about Sayyida Karima’s great scholarship in this video:

6th Century – Fatima Bint Sa’d Al Khair

Born in China and an accomplished scholar by the age of 19, Fatima bint Sa’d al Khair was a student to the great teachers from the generation before hers and became a sought after teacher wherever she travelled around the world. Learn about her scholarship, travels, and how we can continue her legacy today in this video.

7th Century – Razia Sultan

Today we travel to the Indian Subcontinent and meet Razia Sultan, ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. She was a warrior, leader, and institution builder who championed equal rights for all her people. Learn about her great work and leadership capabilities in this video.

8th Century – Queen Al-Adar Al Karima

For 14 months, the people of Yemen were blessed with the generous and beautiful leadership of Queen Al-Adar. She sought to fulfill the needs of her people through philanthropy and giving, and was so upright that she was known as “The Lordly Lady of Piety.” Learn about her works and her generous spirit in this video.

9th Century – Bibi Rajii

We return our gaze back to India, where Bibi Rajii built architecturally sound structures that still stand today, showcasing her expertise and skill. She provided stipends and scholarships for educational growth, particularly among women.

10th Century – Queen Aminatu

In the Zāriyah province of modern day Nigeria, Queen Aminatu ruled with grace, dignity and strength. A skilled military strategist, she used her knowledge and prowess to bring peace and economic security to her nation. Learn more about her great strength and capabilities in this video.



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