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Ramadan Kareem from Rabata!

June 2017 – In This Issue:

Ribaat Online Workshops

Ribaat Student of the Month

Looking for Some Jannah Points? Then Here’s a Beautiful Opportunity
Daybreak Days

Join this Month’s Open Halaqas: The Quran Completion Project

Glad Tidings of Ramadan: The Month of Fasting and The Month of Quran

Are You A Convert? Connect With Project Lina Over Social Media

Safinah Society ConvertCon


Ribaat Online Workshops


Starting to feel nostalgic about the end of the Ribaat Spring Term? We’ve got you covered! Register for access to recordings of our workshops for hours of uninterrupted tips and advice from Muslim women scholars who are experts in their respective topics, and have years of teaching experience.

Available workshops:

Ramadan Readiness Online Conference
1.Fiqh of Fasting & Prayer
2.SOS! Raising Children!
3.SOS! Marriage Workshop
4.For more information and to enroll, Click Here.

Ribaat Student of the Month


June 2017

“Ribaat has given me the opportunity to show my children that age doesn’t matter when you want to reach your goals,” Zarina shares. “I honestly wish I had started [learning] sooner. In order to guide your children, you must first know what to guide them with.”Click here to read more about Zarina.

Jannah Points: Give Through Ribaat!


Share the Love!


Do you love Ribaat? Do you have a friend, sister, neighbor, coworker or friend who you think would love it too? Are you wishing you could take more Ribaat classes but just don’t have the time?Share the love! Gain the reward of taking a Ribaat class by supporting the Ribaat Scholarship Fund. Support a sister in Islam with the unique gift of learning and gain sadaqa jariyah for yourself, a gift that gives you both!

Click here to Donate a Scholarship or provide a Ribaat Retreat 2017 Scholarship.

Daybreak Bookshop & Gathering Space


Daybreak Days: Join Us!


Ramadan 2017



This year Daybreak Bookshop & Gathering Space is featuring a full time pop-up mosque, alhumdulilah! The room at the back of the store will be open at all times during Ramadan for Qur’an and prayer. We are hosting daily tarawih prayers for women after Isha prayer, and a spiritual lesson for women at 11pm. We are also featuring an out-loud reading of one juz’u (one of the 30 sections) of the Qur’an each day at 6pm throughout the entire month.

Want more information or planning a visit? Email and let us know!


Open Halaqa: Come Complete the Quran!

Quran Khitma Project


Sunday, June 11th
11am CST
Saturday June 24
6:30 pm CST


Join Anse Tamara Gray during this blessed month of Ramadan for two open halaqas. Let’s learn how to connect with the Quran and embody the true nature of the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ in our lives.

Access the Open Halaqa through this link:

Circles of Light

Glad Tidings of Ramadan


The Month of Fasting and The Month of Quran


With grateful hearts we rejoice to be among those blessed with the glad tidings of Ramadan. This month, which is overflowing with opportunities to draw nearer to Allah (swt) through fasting, worship, good deeds and charity, is also a perfect time to connect with the transformative words of Allah through reciting the Qur’an.

Allah (swt) tells us, “The month of Ramadan is the month when the Qur’an was sent down as a clear guidance for mankind with clear proofs of guidance and a criterion by which to distinguish right from wrong” [Al-Baqarah: 185].

Throughout this month, Rabata’s Ramadan Quran Khitma Project invites individuals worldwide to recite as many complete readings of Quran in Arabic and submit them to one collective total. Upon collection of the Khitmas, there will be a chance to send in du’a requests which will be read during the upcoming Ramadan livestreams.

Let’s taste the sweetness of faith in fasting and reciting the healing and guiding verses of Quran this Ramadan. May Allah bless us with a prosperous month and may we reap the blessings it beholds.
Learn more about the Quran Khitma Project at:

To send in your du’a requests:

For further information, please contact:

Project Lina

Our Fifth Year of Supporting Convert Women!


Check out the Project Lina Website for Female Converts



Rabata Events


  Safinah Society Convert Conference


New Jersey, April 30th 2017

The Safinah Society of New Brunswick, New Jersey, proudly hosted their 2nd annual ConvertCon this year, providing learning and resources for converts and their families. Anse Tamara Gray was a main speaker and addressed topics such as handling hardship and dealing with negative perceptions of Islam.

Rabata hosted a table, proudly displaying information about Project Lina, Rabata’s online program and online community for converts.

Click here to learn more about Project Lina

Check out the Muslim Women Convert Circle FB group, an online community for converts!


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