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Frequently asked questions:


1.     What is Jacaranda and when does it come out?
a.     The Jacaranda Literary Review will be a hybrid cross between a literary journal and a blog. It will feature the content of a literary journal – reader submissions, book reviews, content from a resident writer, etc., but new content will be added several times a week rather than all at once at the end of the month or quarter. The first issue is scheduled to drop December 1, 2020. 

2.     What kinds of work does Jacaranda accept for Submission Saturdays? 
a.     Jacaranda accepts short stories, flash fiction, poetry, videos of spoken word, essays, and creative nonfiction. 
3.     What does Jacaranda pay for published literary or performance pieces? 
a.     Writers will receive $35 for each published piece. 
4.     Can writers submit more than one piece? 
a.     Absolutely! 
5.     Is there a deadline? 

a.     Jacaranda is an ongoing publication, so submissions are welcome at any time. 

5.     How can I get involved?
a.     Jacaranda Literary Review is always looking for volunteer book reviewers. If you’d like to join our team, please email We also appreciate it when writers share writing opportunities with our community. Please send any that you know of to

6.     How does one apply to be a resident writer at Jacaranda?
a.     Jacaranda Literary Review will host writers in residence in six-month tenures. Resident Writers will receive a stipend. Resident writer applications will re-open in February, 2021 for the June through November tenure.

Stay tuned for more info! 

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