Book review: Once Upon an Eid

Review by Shifa Saltagi Safadi, author of MuslimMommyBlog
Book: Once Upon an Eid
Genre: Middle Grade Anthology- collection of short stories
Ages: 9 and up (I personally think teens and adults will enjoy it as well!)
Rating: 5/5 stars
Haram content: 1/5 for a crush and some slightly inaccurate Islamic information.

Honestly, every single story in the book deserves to be reviewed and praised on its own, and this anthology is the perfect read aloud for families on the days leading up to Eid. There are 16 different stories, (including a few poems and one comic strip story), and each is amazing in its own unique way.

There are stories about refugee children trying to figure out how to bring the joy of Eid from their old country to their new one. There are stories about wearing hijab for the first time. There are stories about convert children experiencing Eid for the first time. There are stories about children trying to experience Eid while missing their parents.
There are stories about cancer and stories about loss. There are stories about children who selflessly give and stories about children who worry about Eid with their family’s low budget. There are stories about children who get creative to bring the Eid spirit to their lives and a stories about feeling excluded even from other Muslims (from the perspective of a Shia girl). There are stories about sibling rivalry, sibling love, and even a story about a child of newly divorced parents.
There are stories about finding the Eid Crescent moon, the difficulties of fasting while playing basketball, and fashionable Eid outfits. Many stories include references to our beloved Prophet Muhammad and Islamic knowledge about Ramadan and the two Eids. These stories are perfect for Middle Grade Readers, as they all show these children learning and growing and becoming more independent.
Each time I re-read it, I find new reasons to absolutely love this book. This anthology is a timeless book and a must have for every Muslim household!
I even recommend it as a gift to those who are not Muslims, as the beauty in the stories is a perfect introduction to the everyday lives of so many different Muslim children.

Extra Good Deed Benefit of buying this book: Profits from this book are being donated to Islamic Relief!!

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  1. Assalamu aleikum. Could you elaborate on what the “slightly inaccurate Islamic information” is? I can’t find any mention of that in other reviews.

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