Branching Out

This week we heard about a novelist who has hired a friend to do her social media posts, and a creative nonfiction writer who has hired her niece to transcribe her interviews. Remember, as a writer you don’t have to invent the wheel, create the wheel, paint the wheel, roll the wheel, and repair the wheel all on your own. Use your networks to find people who need work and might be willing to give you a good deal on their services. Our circles are full of them.

And don’t forget, your number one writing opportunity is right here at Jacaranda! Please submit your writing or visual art, or apply to be a Jacaranda Book Reviewer. We’re always looking for dedicated writers.

Writing Ops:

If you’re interested in nutrition and healthy eating, check out Nutri Inspector. They have both regular and part-time writing opportunities for talking food.

Biz and digital marketing types may be more interested in Rank Pay, where they like actionable, useful articles written by native speakers of English.

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