Awards and acknowledgements

Awards and acknowledgements

Rabata promotes positive cultural change through creative educational experiences. Here are some places where Rabata and its programs have received acclaim by different organizations. 

The Global Muslim Life

Best Community Building Programming in Ramadan 2020

Best Women’s Focused Programming in Ramadan 2020

Pollen 50 OVER 50

50 of the most inspiring and accomplished leaders from across Minnesota.



Book Awards

The Evergreen Medal

Silver Medal Award in the category of Living Well.

 Book Awards

National Award by the Sultan Brunei for the original six-volume Collected Works for the Narrative of the Life of the Prophet ﷺ 

Acclaimed reviews from the notable faculties at the University of Sharjah, University of Damascus, United Arab Emirates University, and more

 Book Awards

Winner in the International Book Awards, Category: Religion, General

Finalist in the Best Book Awards, Categories: Religion General, Religion Eastern

Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Categories: How-to/Self-help/Inspirational, Religion/Spirituality

Finalist in the International Book Awards Categories: Religion: Eastern and Best Book Design Non-Fiction 


 Book Awards


Gold Seal Winner in the International Book Awards, Category: Best Picture Book

Gold Seal Winner in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Category: Best Illustrator

Gold Seal Winner in the Literary Classics Awards, Categories: Best Multicultural Book and Best Illustrator


 Book recognition

Honorable Mention in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, Category: Young Adult Fiction



Narrative Story

Muslim women historically have been a vital part of the foundation of Islamic scholarship, leadership, and community care. Today, Rabata provides a platform for the rising tide of Muslim women becoming scholars, community leaders, and positive cultural change agents. Through online classes, literature, and spiritual mentorship, women are finding HOPE once again. Muslim women are raising their voices and amplifying their power across six continents as they live in the shelter of one another and uplift ourselves and the next generation. Each woman brings with her a unique ability to be the needed change through education, tarbiyah, and community.
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