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Breaking Down Barriers

Women’s Islamic scholarship has a long and rich history. Following the death of the Prophet (S), some of the first and most respected teachers of Islam included Aisha, Umm Salamah, Zaynab, and more, may God be pleased with all of them. Throughout history, thousands of women, named and unnamed by history books, have changed the landscape of scholarship and been instrumental in teaching and advancing Islamic principles. This rich legacy and the impact of women’s scholarship is increasingly important and too often ignored. This workshop aims to shine the spotlight on some of this history.

Join us for a transformative and enlightening full day workshop with two esteemed scholars of Islam to learn about the importance of this history. We will discuss historical aspects of women’s scholarship in the time of the Prophet (S), how this tradition developed and declined, biographies of Muslim women throughout history, and consider Muslim women and religious leadership in our socitieties today.

**Please purchase your ticket at bitly.com/womenscholars, thank you!*

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