Daybreak Awards

Daybreak Press aims to create positive cultural change through literature. The Daybreak Press Book Awards uplift the work of  Muslim women writers by recognizing and honoring books that are most effectively creating that change. 

Submission deadline: July 31, 2022

Any author or illustrator who is female and Muslim.

Books published between 2000 and 2022.

Entry fees are $50 per category. Books may be entered in more than one category, but a separate entry fee will be due for each entry.

Please submit your payment here:

Please submit two physical copies and one digital copy to:

Daybreak Press Book Awards
3533 Lexington Ave N
Arden Hills, MN 55126

Submissions must be postmarked by July 31, 2022


Winners will be contacted via email by September 1, 2022, and winners will be publicly announced on September 15, 2022. Winners will receive 50 book award stickers, a digital award seal, and a medal to be presented at the Annual Daybreak Press Book Awards Ceremony in Minneapolis, MN on Friday, October 21, 2022, which will be held both online and in person. Winners who are unable to attend the award ceremony in person will receive their medals and seals by mail.

Not necessarily. This will be left to the judges’ discretion.

Daybreak Press Book Awards does not shy away from difficult or even traditionally taboo topics. However, our awards are given to books that uphold the values of Rabata, Inc. This excludes books with explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, or that present Islam as a problem rather than a solution.

Books submitted to the Daybreak Book Awards become the property of Rabata, Inc.

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