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Daybreak Press aims to create positive cultural change through literature. The Daybreak Press Book Awards uplift the work of  Muslim women writers by recognizing and honoring books that are most effectively creating that change. 


Any author or illustrator who is female and Muslim.

Books published between 2000 and 2023.

Entry fees are $50 per category. Books may be entered in more than one category, but a separate entry fee will be due for each entry.

Please submit your payment here:

Please submit two physical copies and one digital copy to:

Daybreak Press Book Awards
3533 Lexington Ave N
Arden Hills, MN 55126


Submissions must be postmarked by July 31, 2023

Winners will be contacted via email by September 1, 2023, and winners will be publicly announced on September 15, 2023. Winners will receive 50 book award stickers and a digital award seal. The 2023 Daybreak Press Book Awards Ceremony will be held via Zoom on Friday, October 27, 2023 and broadcasted live to YouTube.

Not necessarily. This will be left to the judges’ discretion.

Daybreak Press Book Awards does not shy away from difficult or even traditionally taboo topics. However, our awards are given to books that uphold the values of Rabata, Inc. This excludes books with explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, or that present Islam as a problem rather than a solution.

Books submitted to the Daybreak Book Awards become the property of Rabata, Inc.

Join us in celebrating this year’s Daybreak Press Book Award winners on October 27 at 6:30pm CDT over Zoom!

Learn more about the book awards and watch the winners accept their awards and share the stories of inspiration and publication that led to their winning works.

Rabata’s Daybreak Press is honored to provide this platform and excited to celebrate with all Muslim women writers who are bringing positive cultural change to the world around us.

Join us on October 27 as we celebrate another great year of writing and be inspired to become a positive cultural change agent through words.

Mark your calendars!

Event will Livestream on

2023 Award winners

Activity Books / Age 6 and Up
Fill Me Up Gratitude Journal
Mona Zac

Activity Books / Birth to 5
What If Dinosaurs Were Muslims?
Rabia Bashir

Beginner Chapter Books
The Tiny Compass: Desert Survival
K.J. Miftah & B. Adam

Board Books
Abah Once Told Me
Sharifah Huseinah Madihid

Book Series / Age 6 and Up
Ayesha Dean Mysteries Series
Ayesha Dean – The Istanbul Intrigue
Ayesha Dean – The Seville SecretMelati Lum

Book Series / Birth to 5
Imagine Me In The Future Insha’Allah
Imagine Me In Jannah
Rabia Bashir

Children Picture Books / Age 6 and Up
Hamza Attends a Janaza
Shabana Hussain

Children Picture Books / Birth to Age 5
From Here and There
Larissa Olinda

Children Picture Books Creative Nonfiction
The Gift of Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba
Rukayat Yakub

Cover Design / Birth to 5
Mama Once Told Me
Sharifah Huseinah Madihid

Ramadan’s Coming: A Songbook
Rabia Bashir


Ramadan’s Coming: A Songbook
Rabia Bashir

Non-Fiction Academic
Innocent Until Proven Muslim: Islamophobia,
the War on Terror, and the Muslim Experience Since 9/11
Maha Hilal

Non-Fiction Cookbook
Bismillah Chef
Suad Sultan

Non-Fiction Education
My Ramadan Gratitude Moments
Shaikh Samia Quddus

Non-Fiction General
National Parks and the Remembrance of Allah
Abeer Arain

Non-Fiction Motivational/Self-Help
Fill Me Up Gratitude Journal
Mona Zac

Nonfiction Biography / Memoir
Just One: A Journey of Perseverance and Conviction
Nour Akhras

Nonfiction Juvenile
Connecting with Allah
Mona Zac

Novelty Books
Your Name Is Super Special
Rabia Bashir

Connecting with Allah
Mona Zac

Tweens Fiction / Middle Grade Fiction
Call Me Adnan
Reem Faruqi

Tweens Non-Fiction
Connecting with Allah
Mona Zac


2022 Award winners

Activity Books
Dear Allah: A Muslim Child’s Journal For Building Tawakkul
Rabia Bashir

Board Books
Musa and the Ramadan Moon
Nurgis Ara Zeb

Book Series
Asma’ul Husna Series
Ukht Husni

Children’s Picture Books
I Lost Something Very Special
Husna Rahman

Cover Design
Pearls of Noor
Shams Noor N

Fiction Islamic
I Bear Witness
Amani-Nzinga Jabbar

Fiction Young Adult
Show Yourself
Adeeba Jafri

Amin’s Animal Adventure
Alaa Batroukh

Non-Fiction Islamic
Pearls of Noor
Shams Noor N

Non-Fiction Juevnile
Stories of 20 Mighty Muslim Heroes
Tamara Haque

Novelty Books
The Arabic Numbers Finger Trace Book
Ukht Husni

Our Ancestors Did Not Breathe This Air
Afeefah Khazi-Syed, Aleena Shabbir, Ayse Guvenilir, Maisha Prome, Mariam Dogar, Marwa Abdulhai

2021 award winners

Activity Book
My Prophet Muhammad Busy Book
Yatie Samsul

Board Book
Hafsa’s Kisses
Tayyaba Syed

Book Series
The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island
Ukht Husni

Children’s Picture Book
What Color is My Hijab?
Hudda Ibrahim

Omar & Oliver The Super Eidilicious Recipe
Maria Dadouch & Aly Elziny

Collections & Anthologies
Desiring Light: Poems and Reflections
Ameera Aslam

Tis The Night Before Eid
Yasmin Rashidi

Early Juvenile Chapter Book
Zayan Unlocks The Quran
Najia Syed

Hassan’s (Amal’s) Perfect Eid
Tasmea Mahmud

Subhan Allah (You)
Tasmea Mahmud
Illustrator: Ayesha Sohail

Islamic Fiction
Rekiya & Z
Muti’ah Badruddeen

Juvenile Educational
Phases of the Moon
Hajera Memon

Lift the Flap Book
Dear Allah
Razaida Bahram

Non-Fiction Family & Parenting
Unfiltered Truths of Motherhood
Suka Nasrallah

Non-Fiction General
Exceptional Authors Are Authentic
Nasreen Variyawa

Non-Fiction Islamic
Musings Of A Muslim Chaplain
Sondos Kholaki

Non-Fiction Juvenile
Firdaus Learns About The Heart
Dr. Sara Kulsum Alavi

Non-Fiction Motivantional Self-Help
Reflecting On The Names Of Allah
Jinan Yousef


2020 award winners

Board Book
Ana Muslim
Tan Nural Hafidzah, Azlina Wahid, Maryam Dzinnira

Children’s Picture Book
Spell It Like S-A-M-A-R
Shifa Safadi

Anousha Vakani
Illustrator: Ayesha Sohail

Important Topics
Talaal And The Whispering Worrier
Shereeza Boodhoo

Islamic Fiction
The Path That Leads Upwards
Haniyah J. Ee

Islamic Non-Fiction
Interview With Death
Loretta J. Poisson

Middle Grade Chapter Book
Khadijah: Mother of History’s Greatest Nation
Fatima Barakatullah

Non-Fiction Biography/Memoir
Eye of the Heart
Sammieh Stephanie Flower

Non-Fiction Cookbooks
Ramadan Recipes: From Our Table to Yours
Samantha Sanches

Non-Fiction Juvenile
My First Muslim Potty Book
Yousfa Janjua

Non-Fiction Motivantional Self-Help
Intentionally Rising
Kaitun Karani

Knowing You
Shaziya Barkat

2019 Award winners

Activity Books
Ahmadu Bamba: Sage of Senegal
Rukayat Yakub

Khadijah: The Mother of History’s Greatest Nation
Fatima Barkatullah

Nanni’s Hijab
Khadijah Abdul-Haqq
Illustrator: Vitchapol Taerattanchai

Book Series
Jannah Jewels
Nazlin Rafiq, Shehnaz Karim, Tayyabah Syed, and Dr. M.C. Mulderig

Children’s Picture Book
Laila’s Lunchbox
Reem Faruqi

Ramadan Around the World
Ndaa Hasan

Litte Brother for Sale
Rahma Rodaah

Fiction Young Adult
The Moon of Masarrah
Farah Zaman

Islamic Fiction
Tight Rope
Sahar Abdulaziz

iCOVER: A Day in the Life of an American-Muslim COVERed Girl
Sadaf Syed

Non-Fiction Cookbooks
My Halal Kitchen: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, Lifestyle Inspiration
Yvonne Maffei

Sara Bawany

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