Daybreak Press Literary Conference

daybreak press literary conference – October 2020! 

“forging ahead: a future of literary leadership”

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Use one of the following prompts or create a proposal of your choosing related to the theme of 500 words or less: 

– Discuss how literature has dismantled or supported the master narrative (patriarchy, white supremacy, savior complex, etc.) in fiction or non-fiction writing.

– Discuss ways that literature can build bridges between disparate communities.

– Discuss how literature has been used to uplift the voice and vision of marginalized groups in the past, and how we can expand that tradition.

Please submit a proposal by September 15th 2020 here


The annual Daybreak Press Literary Conference brings together Muslim women writers across all genres. From bloggers and journalists to novelists and poets – this conference inspires Muslim women writers by offering workshops, interactive lectures, entertainment and networking, and by celebrating the winners of the Daybreak Press book awards. 

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"I didn't think I would benefit as much as I did from the conference because I am not an author or serious writer. I was wrong! My voice matters, period."
-Maha Gaafar
"The speakers took me into a whole different realm of understanding on the impact of our authentic narratives as Muslim women. [The panels] encouraged me to be a better me!"
-Eman Manigat
"Created to provide a platform to celebrate, promote, and encourage Muslim women writers, MWLC is a fantastic initiative for the ever-growing niche of Muslim women with literary ambitions."
-Zainab Bint Younus
"Daybreak Press lets women recognise their identities by taking a firm hold of their own narrative."
-Fatimah Gomez
"Admittedly, this conference with brilliant, hard-working Muslim women did more than motivate me to write; it increased my interest in reading Islamic stories and writing for purpose, rather than achievement."
-Shereen Hakim

Speakers List Conferences in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Keynotes: Dr. Tamara Gray, Executive Director of Rabata & Najiyah Maxfield, Editorial Director of Daybreak Press Publishing