Kiashe Pugh

Anse Kiashe Pugh serves as a Tafsīr instructor at the Ribaat Academic Institute and also teaches for the RabaTEENS and Dragonflies youth programs. She earned her degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. While living abroad in a number of countries, Anse Kiashe studied different fields within Islam and ultimately earned the high honor of accreditation in formal Quranic recitation from world renowned Quranic scholar, Shaykh Abu Hasan al Kurdi, in 2003.

A native of New Jersey, Anse Kiashe Pugh converted from Christianity to Islam in 1990. Soon after conversion, she spent 19 years abroad and returned to the United States in 2013, and her passion for service compelled her involvement with a multinational humanitarian organization. She also serves on the Board of Rabata as Vice Chair. 

Anse Kiashe also serves as an instructor with Hafsa Quran Society and Sakina institute

When not teaching, mentoring, or community leading, she most enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, and hosting guests. She is a lifelong learner and teacher who encourages others to continually learn and reflect, especially on the Quran.

She started teaching with Ribaat in 2015.




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