Maryam Chahine

Maryam Chahine is a Wisconsin native who has lived in Florida and Oregon during her youth and around the world as an adult, including South Africa, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates. She hails from an African-American and Palestinian background. She graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Arts and Science and studied some introductory level Islamic science courses online through Ribaat, SeekersGuidance and Qibla, and on the ground in Amman, Jordan where she lived for over 10 years.

Maryam has joined Rabata as a Publishing Assistant and feels blessed to be a part of a beautiful global community of uplifting and inspiring women from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Besides a passion for traveling, nature, animals and her favorite Turkish historical series Ertugrul, Maryam loves words and has published some of her poems and a flash fiction short story through online literary journals. She currently resides in a lovely small town in Bursa, Turkey with her husband and many plants.