Safiyyah Salaam



Born to convert parents, Safiyyah Salaam was raised in Alabama, where her family and Muslim community instilled in her a thirst for community development and social justice. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Birmingham where she was fortunate to study abroad in Mexico and eventually earned her Bachelor’s in Spanish. After briefly teaching abroad, she returned to the States and obtained her Master’s in Education (Collaborative Teaching) from Auburn University Montgomery.

She has taught Special Education in Georgia and Alabama and currently teaches English as a Second Language to students from over 10 different countries in one of the largest urban school districts in America. She has been a Ribaat student and volunteer since its inception in 2013. In addition, she has coordinated and led a local upbringing program for Muslim girls ages 6-9. Currently, she serves as an instructor for Ribaat while she aspires to complete her ijaza in tajwid, her studies with Ribaat, and further da’wa in America. She is a wife and proud mother of three daughters who she hopes will carry on in the tradition of learning and disseminating Islam.



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