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RabaTEENs Chat

Join us for a full hour of engaging discussion and dialogue with outstanding Rabata mentors, exciting teen entertainment, and a space to connect and learn from your peers and mentors. The monthly chat meets the first Saturday of every month. The chat is the perfect space for to meet new Muslim teens, engage and connect with Rabata teachers and guest speakers, learn about exciting and relevant topics, and have an opportunity to share your opinions and thoughts!

Mystic Beats Drumming Workshop Begins

An opportunity to join an online interactive platform where you will learn about the role of the daff drum in Islamic history, have an opportunity to try out several daff beats and experience how to apply them to your favorite nasheeds. Come forward and join us in singing the praises of Allah (swt) and His Beloved (saw) in a fun and melodious way!

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to apply the daff beat to at least 3 nasheeds (2 provided by the instructor and 1 chosen by the student).

If You Have a Voice You Can Sing: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

In this 5 week workshop, Anse Michelle will go over an introduction to basic vocal techniques and vocal exercises to help make you a better vocalist. While you may not be great yet, anyone can gain the skills that make an amazing singer. The secret is, if you have a voice, you can sing! Each week, you will learn a new technique to improve your voice. At the end of each session, we will put our newly learned skill into a song.

This workshop is for both beginners who would like to start learning to use their voice, as well as those who have been singing for years and would like to expand their skill, sing in healthy ways, and protect their voices.


RabaTEENS Weekly Halaqa

The Rabateens Weekly Teen Halaqa is a space for teens to grow spiritually together. Teens will meet weekly on Zoom to discuss seasonal topics, reminders of how to hold strong to our faith, and real talk about real issues they are facing on a day-to-day basis. Held on Thursday evenings, it will include a reading of Surat al-Kahf to gain the blessing of light that it brings.


Joy Jots Weekly Book Club

Instagram & Clubhouse Live

Join Dr. Tamara Gray in her Joy Jots Book Club on Instagram and Clubhouse! Sisters around the world will journey together through 52 weeks of personal reflections, spiritual exercises and joyful faith!

Connecting with your Audience Workshop

In this webinar titled “Connecting with your Audience,” three seasoned authors who have built active communities will share different methods of cultivating and serving one’s audience. Celebrated poet Tumkeen (“Breathe”) will teach attendees how to identify and reach their audience, award-winning author Dr. Saadia Mian (“The Crowning Venture”) will share ways to develop that connection, and award-winning author Tayyaba Syed will focus on nurturing and serving one’s audiencd through creative experiences. Learn how to keep in touch with your readers after they close your books! Register required.