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Africa is not a Country Campaign

We will be sharing educational posters on Facebook and Instagram of each of the 54 countries in Africa, highlighting the variety of languages, fabulous foods, historical figures, fun facts, and the percentage of Muslims. Find on and Instagram @rabata_org


RabaTEENS Weekly Halaqa

The Rabateens Weekly Teen Halaqa is a space for teens to grow spiritually together. Teens will meet weekly on Zoom to discuss seasonal topics, reminders of how to hold strong to our faith, and real talk about real issues they are facing on a day-to-day basis. Held on Thursday evenings, it will include a reading of Surat al-Kahf to gain the blessing of light that it brings.


Joy Jots Weekly Book Club

Instagram & Clubhouse Live

Join Dr. Tamara Gray in her Joy Jots Book Club on Instagram and Clubhouse! Sisters around the world will journey together through 52 weeks of personal reflections, spiritual exercises and joyful faith!


Masjid Rabata Weekly Qiyam

Masjid Rabata

Rabata provides spiritual mentorship and sisterhood that stand the test of distance and time. Thousands of women from around the world participate in both individual and group worship activities that strengthen their spiritual muscles and enable them to reach their worship goals.


RabaTEENS Monthly Chat

Join us for a full hour of engaging discussion and dialogue with outstanding Rabata mentors, exciting teen entertainment, and a space to connect and learn from your peers and mentors.

The monthly chat meets the first Saturday of every month. The chat is the perfect space for to meet new Muslim teens, engage and connect with Rabata teachers and guest speakers, learn about exciting and relevant topics, and have an opportunity to share your opinions and thoughts!

Quran Inspirations Begins

This series of talks will take students on a journey with the Quran to gain deeper understandings of its words and derive lessons from Allah's (swt) words. Students will be guided through an in-depth study of verses from the Holy Quran and reflect upon the lessons that can be learned as they sit with one of our modern scholars of the Holy Quran.

Navigating Death Workshop


Are you prepared for the day you are asked to wash the body of your beloved friend, family member, or neighbor? Do you know anyone prepared to wash you? We invite you to be prepared.


Lessons from the Life of Mary عليها السَّلام

Masjid Rabata invites you to a week of acquainting yourself with one of the most important women of all time: Mary, mother of Jesus, peace be upon them both. ⠀
Join us as we delve into learning the lessons from her life with inspirational talks, heart-warming nasheeds, and beautiful recitation of the Qur’an by female reciters.