When I became Muslim I was young and full of energy and spirit. I felt revolutionary, and I thought that Islam would change the world! Now I feel different. I’m tired. The things that I used to care so much about when I first became Muslim aren’t important to me anymore. Did I become Muslim for the wrong reasons?

I really miss the warm, loving feelings I used to have on holidays, especially Christmas. Everyone says that Ramadan and Eids are supposed to replace my old holidays, but all I hear people telling me is that Ramadan is about what it’s like to be poor and starving. There’s no warmth or joy in starving!

When I went to the mosque, an elderly woman who spoke broken English came up to me and started telling me that I was praying wrong. How rude! I can’t believe she thought she had the right to “correct me,” and now I never want to go to that masjid ever again.