Ribaat Student of the Month April 2020

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ April 2020

Approximately two decades ago, New Jersey mom and educator Fadiyah Mian embarked on the journey of a lifetime to study Islamic sciences in Syria. During this period, she completed her training in tajwid and received her ijaza from the late Shaykh Muhyi al-Din al-Kurdi. While there, Fadiyah also studied under the guidance of Anse Tamara Gray and remained in correspondence with her after returning to the States.

“I was afraid that once I got married, I wouldn’t be able to travel back and continue my studies,” recalls Fadiyah, who has four children and homeschools two of them. “Allah is truly Merciful and instead sent the knowledge directly to me in the comfort of my home through the Ribaat Academic Program. I have been a student since its inception in 2012 and currently am on track to be of Ribaat’s first graduating class inshallah.”

Fadiyah considers Ribaat to be an opportunity of a lifetime that she hopes everyone will take advantage of. She states that what learners once had to travel thousands of miles to attain is now being offered to cater to our needs and schedules.

Through her coursework, Fadiyah has found spiritual grounding and increased blessings in her time and her life.

“The more classes I take, the more blessings I find pouring into my life,” shares Fadiyah, who is not only a student with Ribaat but also one of its tajwid teachers. She also volunteers as lead of Rabata’s Circles of Light worship program. “I have been taking classes since my original visit to Syria, but it is great to finally be attaining this Islamic studies teaching certificate and eventually further degrees. Although I know the purpose of Islamic knowledge is not necessarily getting degrees, it is required to legitimize one’s training, especially working in Islamic schools.”

Despite her busy and active schedule, Fadiyah has been diligent in her pursuit of traditional knowledge. She recommends to just start with one class seeking Allah’s pleasure, and He will make the ‘seemingly impossible become possible.’

“I am forever grateful to my parents for having the vision and value of educating their daughters in both secular and Islamic knowledge,” says Fadiyah. “I also have a supportive husband, who sees the importance of female scholarship. Last but not least, thank you to the Ribaat team for this recognition. I am honored to receive this blessing.”

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