Ribaat Student of the month – may 2020

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ May 2020

Nazlin Rafiq

Nazlin Rafiq was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Nazlin is a mom of four, certified elementary school teacher, and educational consultant who hopes to set a sound example for her children and students by being a dedicated student of the Ribaat Academic Program. Since its inception seven years ago, Nazlin has been steadily taking courses with Ribaat. Alongside this, she is currently completing certifications in mental health literacy for youth as well as holistic traditional medicine. “I find there to be such beautiful leadership in the female scholars and students of Ribaat,” shares Nazlin, who leads nature hikes and homeschools her kids. “For me, the classes have lifted my spirits and strengthened my heart.” 

Having a God-conscious identity is very important to Nazlin. She feels a responsibility in teaching and guiding her children and students to it as well. 

“I ask God to help me raise righteous children and to guide me to those who can show me how,” Nazlin says. She feels raising children to know God is a monumental task and one that she takes very seriously. “My teachers light the way with their wisdom, practical tips, worship challenges, and ongoing events, workshops, and relevant courses,” she notes. 

Nazlin describes her classes to be like a ‘spiritual compass’ that illuminates her path to live with confidence as a Muslim woman. She feels blessed, encouraged and inspired every week by interacting with her teachers, who she says are incredible women. Nazlin also appreciates the friends she has made from all around the world. “Ribaat is providing women an opportunity to dive deep into the ocean of knowledge from some of the most distinguished female scholars,” states Nazlin, who works on her Jannah Jewels Adventure Series during her free time. “The lessons are both academically rigorous and spiritually thought-provoking – full of opportunities for contemplation and reflection for my heart and soul.”

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