Aug, 2017

Student of the Month

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ August 2017 Khadijah Chemat   While listening to her local radio station in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Khadijah Chemat was intrigued to hear about an online education program for women taught by women. She heard Anse Tamara Gray’s interview on during her Malaysia tour in January 2017. After hearing the interview, Khadijah wanted to learn more...
Jul, 2017

Student of the Month – July

As salaamu alaikum,   My name is Anneeza binti Zainal. I’m 38 years old from Putrajaya, Malaysia, and am married with four children. I have a Masters in Microbiology and used to work with the Ministry of Health before deciding to become a full-time mom after my second child was born.   Before I gave birth to him, I had a molar pregnancy and had to undergo six...
Jun, 2017

Ribaat Student of the Month

Pumpkin. That is what drew Andrea Cluck to join Ribaat. Yes, pumpkin. While attending a Lina Forward meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she was virtually introduced to Anse Tamara Gray. “When Anse told us that we should eat pumpkin (roasted with butter and sugar) as it’s a practice of Prophet Muhammad (s), I knew I needed to have this wonderful person in my life. I started taking Ribaat...
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