November 2018: Hafsa Abdul-Hakeem

Hafsa Abdul-Hakeem is a mother of two, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, who now resides in New Jersey. She has made it a point to seek sacred knowledge even from a young age. Wherever classes were offered, Hafsa tried her best to learn and study about Islam. She even traveled abroad after graduating college to expand her knowledge in areas of fiqh, Arabic and Quran.

After she returned to the States, Hafsa thought she had to put her studies on hold due to relocation and family life. That is, until she was introduced to the Ribaat Academic Institute by her previous teachers and friends.

“Ribaat opened a door for me to not only be able to continue my studies but also go on to higher levels of learning,” shares Hafsa. “There is so much more depth in these studies than I have ever been able to do.”

The journey with Ribaat began five years ago for Hafsa. Eventually, she hopes to receive her murabiyya certification through the program.

“What I really just want is to continue being in the presence of these teachers,” says Hafsa. “I have truly loved the experience and knowledge shared by them, and I hope to absorb their strengths and wisdom to pass on to others.”

With that hope in mind, Hafsa and her husband are working hard to bring traditional knowledge to their local community. They recently launched a da’wah service in the inner city to teach sira and plan to launch an online component as well, which will include the basic essentials of faith and help newcomers to Islam.

“Initially, what drew me to Rabata and Ribaat was the focus on community and sisterhood,” Hafsa recalls. “It is still affecting my life and my learning experience. I have met so many great women, and I’m getting the tools and inspiration to do my very best every day. I want to thank Ribaat for helping me strive to become a better version of myself. May Allah always be with us and keep us guided gently to Him.”

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