We Are Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira

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This Ramadan, Rabata is commemorating the life and legacy of Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira (ra) by honoring men and women whose lives emulate hers. She was the great granddaughter of the Prophet ﷺ and caretaker of the ummah who became the Shaikha of Egypt. 

In the nomination submission form, you will find a number of categories that reflect different aspects of Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira‘s character and pursuits. See the categories below.

We will recognize one nominee in the following categories for his or her contributions to their community that demonstrate what it means to live like Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira (ra) today.

Nominees can be Muslim or non-Muslim men, women, and children. You may submit as many nominations as you like, but you will have to complete a separate form each time. Nominations are now closed.

nomination categories

1. Lover of the Quran:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira was deeply devoted to the Quran. Nominate someone who embodies this trait with their own relationship with the Quran.

2. Mentor:

As the teacher of Imam al-Shafi’ī and other students, Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira’s tutelage benefitted the Muslim world. Nominate a mentor who made a difference in your life.

3. Qanitaat:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira spent time in deep worship. Nominate an individual who dedicates serious time in prayer and remembrance of the Divine.

4. Nonprofit Leader:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira helped her community by facilitating funds to help impoverished individuals in her community. Nominate a nonprofit professional who helps give back to the community.

5. Father & Daughter Duo:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira’s father nurtured her religious upbringing and they frequented Masjid al-Nabawi together for daily prayers. Nominate a father & daughter duo who are an example of this deep relationship.

6. Spiritual Strength:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira embodied spiritual and mental strength. Nominate someone who is steadfast in their faith and perseveres through life’s situations with a deep resilience.

7. Educator:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira promoted scholarship and learning to the masses through dedicated efforts in teaching. Nominate an educator in your community who works tirelessly to share their knowledge.

8. Deep Love for the Prophet ﷺ:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira was a descendant of the Prophet ﷺ and carried a deep love for the beloved Messenger that reflected in her life and actions. Nominate someone you know who also exhibits this devotion to the last Messenger.

9. Positive Cultural Change Agent:

Nafīsa al-Ṭāhira created a legacy of positive cultural change that impacted communities across the world for generations. Nominate someone you know who is creating positive cultural change.

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