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At Rabata, we understand the importance of empowering converts by helping them flourish in their faith. Therefore, our convert care service provides converts with emotional and spiritual support. Our goal is to help converts bring their whole selves to Islam by providing education, spiritual upbringing for women by women and a global community. 

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join muslim women convert circle (mwcc)

Private Facebook group for community care.

Book recommendations for converts

Whether new to Islam or a seasoned convert with tales and advice of your own to share, Project Lina will help you continue to bring your whole self to Islam. 

Joy Jots is a collection of 52 weekly essays that take the reader through a year of seasons, blessings, and joyful spiritual growth.

Class recommendation for converts

Learn about the Prophet ﷺ with Ribaat Academic Institute’s Companions of the Prophet ﷺ with Dr. Tamara Gray.

convert care workshop

Converts are a growing part of the Muslim community. Unfortunately, too many find themselves alone and in need of both spiritual and practical support. This workshop will provide guidance for those mentoring new and veteran converts, offering a peek into the struggles they face and tips for supporting them in meaningful ways.

This workshop is currently close.

Project lina workshop

The Project Lina Workshop is a 9-session workshop for Muslim female converts to Islam. The three main components of the workshop – Know Yourself, Declare Independence, and Tend Your Ties – are representative of some of the issues and problems Muslim converts deal with in today’s world. Anse Tamara leads the workshop with discussions about issues of culture, creed and connections with family, friends and community as attendees explore what it means to be a western female convert in today’s world. The workshop is not a ‘new Muslim’ course – rather it is an in-depth workshop for female converts – novice and veteran.

This workshop is currently closed. 

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The gentle art of bringing your whole self to Islam.
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Declare Your

Spirituality & leadership training for  today’s Muslim woman

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Tend Your

Kindle and Maintain relationships with  family, friends, and in-laws.

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