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Experience the transformative power of spiritual gatherings and sisterhood at Masjid Rabata. Join us as we come together for special programming designed to foster a deep connection with Allah and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Events include: Weekly Qiyam, Monthly The Art of Spiritual Living series, and other special pop-up events including Isra wal-Mi’raj, Rabi al-Awwal, Maryam (as), Ramadan Quran reading and khitma duas, etc.

By joining us, you will be surrounded by a community of strong, supportive sisters who understand the unique challenges and joys of being a Muslim woman. Together, we uplift and empower one another, celebrating our shared experiences and embracing our individual journeys. Together, we will find grounding, anchor ourselves in our faith, and navigate the seasons of the year with a deep sense of purpose and connection to Allah. 

Monthly Worship Community

Muslim women have the incredible opportunity to create a worship plan that spans throughout the seasons, nurturing their spiritual growth and making a positive impact in their lives and communities. In the blessed month of Rabi al-Awwal, they engage in abundant salawat, filling their hearts with love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). During the sacred month of Dhul Hijja, they participate in the Ibadah Olympics, striving to excel in acts of worship and earn the pleasure of Allah. And in the blessed month of Ramadan, they immerse themselves in khitmas, devotedly reciting and reflecting upon the Quran.

By crafting a comprehensive worship plan that encompasses the entire year, Muslim women embrace the opportunity to deepen their connection with Allah, increase their faith, and positively impact the world around them. They are agents of change, bringing light and blessings to every season, as they strive to live a life of purpose, devotion, and excellence.

Rajab Istighfār

Our season of reflection and repentance begins the sacred month of Rajab. Historically, scholars have recommended that we prepare for Ramadan now and start our journey to make peace with our Lord and seek His forgiveness. 

At Rabata, we want to encourage a global season of reflection and repentance. Join us to strive for transformative tawba, forgiveness, and make an individual goal for 70,000 istighfār70,000 is a special goal, one that scholars have encouraged so we may strive to reach new heights of tawba, stretch our dhikr muscles, and be rewarded with His forgiveness.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Oh people, repent to Allah; indeed I repent one hundred times per day.” The repetition of ‘astaghfirullāh’ was a habit of our Prophet ﷺ – he who was forgiven and promised the reward of his Lord. 

Salawat Project

Every year, during the blessed month of Rabi’ al-Awwal and Sha’ban, Rabata encourages a global effort in collective salawat (sending prayers upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to increase our love for him.) It is said that an increasing love for the Prophet ﷺ engenders sincerity in our efforts to follow his example, facilitates the application of his teachings in our daily lives and enables us to remain steadfast on the straight path under the Prophetic banner. Salawat is also a means of receiving blessings, light, and mercy.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Whoever sends one prayer upon me, Allah ta’ala sends ten prayers upon him and records ten good deeds.” (Sunan al- Tirmidhi)

One of the simplest forms of sending prayers upon the Prophet (s) is by reciting the following supplication: “Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad.” You can download other variations here.

Tahajjud Threads

Tahajjud, the night prayer, holds a special place in Islamic tradition, offering a unique opportunity for reflection, supplication, and self-improvement. Our dedicated WhatsApp group is designed to provide you with the motivation and support you need to establish this beautiful practice in your life.

Tahajjud isn’t just about the extra night prayers; it’s a transformative journey that can positively impact all areas of your life. By connecting with a community of like-minded sisters, you’ll find the encouragement to rise in the quiet hours of the night, fostering a stronger spiritual connection and deepening your faith. Through this group, you’ll gain valuable insights, build lasting bonds, and receive the motivation to make Tahajjud a regular part of your routine.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “The best prayer one can perform apart from the obligatory prayers is one performed at night.” Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim

You can watch Tahajjud series by Anse Dr. Tamara Gray here.

Pilgrims at Home

Pilgrims at Home serves as an incredible opportunity to uplift ourselves spiritually in the blessed days of Dhul-Hijja. These 10 days of Hajj are an invitation for all of us, whether or not we’re in the holy cities!

Everyone registered receives a unique ibadah regimen prepared by female scholars. Working professionals, stay at home moms, students and more have this exciting chance to build their spiritual selves up! Through prayers, Quran, dhikr and even special Eid activities, Pilgrims at Home will inshAllah surround your home with angels and shower blessings into your life from every angle imaginable. 

This is a great moment for Pilgrims at Home teams from the past to join again and new Pilgrims at Home members to connect! A spiritual sisterhood awaits.

Make Up Qada Prayers

It was in this month of Rajab, the 11th year after revelation, that the Prophet (s) was brought up to heaven, to the utmost boundary, to receive the gift of prayer.  It is the glory of the Muslims that we pray five times a day. We stand, we recite, we glorify, we praise, we plead, we bow, we prostrate. It is a beautiful prayer.

It is a prayer that we must do. If missed; it is not ‘no big deal,’ but rather a debt that must be repaid. If you missed five years of prayers, then you must make up 5 years of prayer (you can subtract one week a month for ‘non-praying’ days). Just like a bank records deposits, you must record each prayer until you reach your goal.

You can learn more on Chapter 5 of Joy Jots: Exercises of a Happy Heart by Anse Dr. Tamara Gray. Download Qada Prayer Tracker.

Ramadan Programs

Elevate your Ramadan experience at Masjid Rabata with a diverse array of enriching programs! Throughout this sacred month, we invite you to join us for daily Quran recitation sessions, available at both regular and slow paces. Close to a hundred women reach a full khitma by the end of the month as a group.  Our I’tikaf nights are a spiritual oasis, featuring dhikr, dua, and inspirational talks by our beloved female scholars. Embrace the essence of Ramadan with our special Lailatul Eid program, heartfelt khitma dua, and an array of other soul-nourishing events. 

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Make Up Qada Fasts

Making up missed fasts in Islam is of utmost importance as it reflects commitment to fulfilling one’s religious obligations. The Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized the significance of compensating for missed fasts, saying in a hadith: “Whoever misses a day of fasting in Ramadan without a valid excuse or illness must fast an equivalent day outside of Ramadan.” (Sahih al-Bukhari)  

Join Rabata’s WhatsApp thread for a community of women dedicated to making up missed fasts for motivation, accountability, and support in fulfilling this important obligation. Stay on track, share your progress, and take part in the common pursuit of becoming Fast Debt Free. 

Surah Al-Baqarah Recitation

By reciting Surat Al-Baqarah daily, we invite Allah’s Blessings and Protection into our lives. Its recitation in our homes serves as a spiritual shield, ensuring tranquility and safeguarding against negative influences.

As we come together on this WhatsApp thread, we encourage and support one another to remain steadfast in our commitment to reciting Surat Al-Baqarah daily, full or partial. Through sharing our experiences, reflections, and insights, we foster an environment of growth and nourishment.

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