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Experience the transformative power of spiritual gatherings and sisterhood at Masjid Rabata. Join us as we come together for special programming designed to foster a deep connection with Allah and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Throughout the year, we offer weekly qiyams to cultivate a consistent habit of nightly worship. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity for engaging talks, personal reflection and worship, invigorating dhikr sessions, and soul-stirring nasheeds. 

Our special programming brings together a diverse range of Muslim female scholars and teachers who excel in their fields of Islamic knowledge. With their expertise and wisdom, they offer guidance and support, helping you navigate the complexities of life through an Islamic lens. By being in the presence of these esteemed scholars and teachers, you will benefit from their deep understanding of the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic sciences. They will inspire you to delve deeper into your faith, broaden your knowledge, and strengthen your relationship with Allah.


In these gatherings, we create an environment that encourages you to let go of the distractions and stresses of daily life, and instead, focus on cultivating mindfulness and a deeper connection with Allah. It is an opportunity to reset your intentions, realign your priorities, and find comfort in the remembrance of Allah.

By joining us, you will be surrounded by a community of strong, supportive sisters who understand the unique challenges and joys of being a Muslim woman. Together, we uplift and empower one another, celebrating our shared experiences and embracing our individual journeys. Together, we will find grounding, anchor ourselves in our faith every week, and navigate the seasons of the year with a deep sense of purpose and connection to Allah. 

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“Jazak Aallah everyone for today. This Qiyam just lights me up for the week. Subhan Allah.” – R. S.

“Masha Allah this is the first time for me to rabata Masjid. Subanallah I was enveloped in an indescribable feeling baraka Allahou fikoum for all his efforts to maintain our iman. May Allah reward you and more for everything. good day under the protection of our creator.” – N. L.

“Rabata is DUA manifestation by itself.” – A. S.

The lectures help to align me back to the straight path, when there are times I get drawn into the world.” – K. A. 

I found Teachers who guide firmly and compassionately, companions who push me to strive to do my best and to do more. Rabata filled the void I felt for years, Rabata brought me back to my roots and helped me grow continuously insyaallah. Whatever was missing in my local community, Rabata provided it. Thank you to all the annisaat and the amazing team at Rabata. May Allah swt reward all of you immensely.”

“Thank you to all the admins and Anses at Masjid Rabata for making this possible for everyone around the world… truly a blessing for which we all need to do sajda shukhr.”

“Thanks to the Masjid Rabata, I read more Quran this year than I ever read in my life. I will be looking forward to next year with the Masjid in my life.”

“This Ramadan and these 10 days have been such amazing and beautiful moments. I’ve never experienced ibadah like this. Truly Rabata elevates your inner level of ibadah and makes you understand how much we’re truly capable of!”

“Just wanted to say thank you to all the admins who worked tirelessly behind the virtual mosque. I feel that it will be a Ramadan that we will remember many years from now, and this mosque will be one of the reasons. I know it’s not easy with families and jobs, but it’s impacted so many women and helped them feel closeness in a time of distance. Lots of love and duas for you all.”

“I found your Qiyam and had the best Ramadan of my 24 years being Muslim. I can actually study my deen. “

“I can not express enough how grateful I am to Rabata. You made my Ramadan the most amazing and happiest because of the sincere heart felt love I feel here. I am sincerely exuberant about this because sisters who need the unity, they can find it here. I love it here.”

“This has been the best Ramadan of my life. Tonight my mom prayed Shukr, Tawba, Tasabih and Hajja prayers as her Qiyam. Anse, you are reaching people beyond this masjid.”

“I have been doing Rabata’s virtual mosque/itikaf every night and it’s amazing! It’s all women and it’s like we are together in the mosque. There are women who sing, recite poems about the Prophet pbuh, there’s prayer time, dhikr time, Shaykha Tamara Gray is there. I’ve been benefitting enormously from this virtual mosque.”


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