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Rabata Halaqa

Annual Enrollment Open October 1 - 31

Halaqa in Arabic means a ring or circle. The word has traditionally been used to describe a gathering where Muslims come together to seek knowledge from a teacher or scholar, gain kinship, and grow in their faith.  

Today, Muslims continue to gather at a halaqa to learn and grow, and Rabata’s free Halaqāt program utilizes modern technology to give women all over the world access to these nurturing circles of faith and knowledge. Using our online platform, halaqa attendees bond with their teachers and support one another in their spiritual and physical journeys.

All our halaqāt have set curricula designed by women scholars. Seekers begin with the Padawan Halaqa (we love Star Wars analogies at Rabata), and after finishing that level, continue their learning as a Jedi.

 Every halaqa provides a safe space to gain knowledge, deepen spirituality, and grow in a nurturing environment.

For more information about our halaqāt program, please check out the visual aid provided. 

Attendance and participation are monitored to maintain the cohesion of the halaqāt and ensure that students are both committed and cared for. 

Whether it is your first time attending a halaqa or you are a seasoned seeker of knowledge, we have the halaqa for you.


Email halaqa@rabata.org for more information

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