This Ramadan, Rabata is providing a daily Quran reading for women who are new to Arabic language and have new to beginner skills in Qur’anic reading. Recitations will be slow, adhering to proper Tajwid to build connection to the Quran and spiritual sisterhood.

To register, sign up here: bit.ly/RabataVirtualMosque 

Husn al khitām. (an ending that is good). This is the goal of all Muslims. We all want to meet Allah (SWT) with our prayers prayed, our fasts fasted, and our deeds good and plentiful. We want to end this ultimate test with an excellent grade – we want to go to God pleased and having pleased.

In an effort to help women around the world reach their own Husn al khitām, Rabata provides a spiritual mentorship and sisterhood that stands the test of distance and time. For years, thousands of women from around the world have participated in activities that strengthen their spiritual muscles and be able to reach worship goals like never before. From praying qada prayers to waking up for tahajjud, sending millions of salawat on the Prophet (s) to reading Quran in the heart of the night…there are so many ways Rabata can give you the support you need.


We Are AL Shifa