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Rabata’s ibadah program is now an App! 

Establish a worship schedule that fits where you are in your journey and grow from there with small daily challenges. This App is based on decades of curricula and systems built by Muslim scholars and teachers and now available on this modern platform to fit the needs of today’s Muslims. Start seeing the blessings of your worship pour into your life. Heal, find success, and soak in tranquility with your new worship habits. 

2023 Impact: 4,879 Rabata Ibadah App Users and 23 Million Global Dhikr Collected. 

Our innovative features will allow you to:

– track your progress in worship habits
– monitor your daily prayers
– track your time reading Quran
– grow your habit of daily dhikr
– make goals and complete fasts
– establish a special habit in the heart of the night with Tahajjud
– take on daily challenges to build ibada muscles
– learn new ways to connect with Allah and follow the Sunnah of the Beloved  ﷺ 

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This app is a practical way to keep track of your worship and also a motivator to take you to the next level. You can set and track goals in different areas of ibadah, as well as add challenges to raise your game. I find the confetti animation when I check off a goal feels like a small celebration of taking a step towards who I want to be. The app is also very aesthetically pleasing which makes you want to use it.

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