Work to create positive cultural change at your favorite Minnesota nonprofit organization! Rabata is hiring for 2 part-time positions. For the right candidate, the two job listings have the potential to be one full-time position.

About Rabata

Rabata is a nonprofit organization based in Minnesota and touches the lives of thousands of women locally and around the world. Rabata’s branches of programming are in the areas of education, tarbiya, and community. The Rabata Cultural Center aims to be a community space where local Minnesotans and visitors can explore positive cultural change through creative educational experiences. The Rabata Cultural Center will host a research library, cultural and community events, and a much-needed chance to purchase quality publications and wholesome lifestyle items.
This fall, the Rabata headquarters will move from Washington Ave in Minneapolis, MN to Arden Hills Plaza in Arden Hills, MN. This move opens up the exciting opportunity for more local Minnesotans to join the team.

Job Opening

Events Coordinator

  • Plan, promote, and execute Rabata Cultural Center events
  • Research and connect with target audience
  • Network with organizations that are aligned with Rabata’s work
  • Maintain & expand Minnesota community ties
  • Be able to work with other team leaders for internal collaborations
  • Communicate effectively with community members about programs and projects; utilize social media platforms and other outreach methods
  • Perform managerial tasks at the Rabata Cultural Center
  • Act as a liaison between other Rabata projects, the Rabata Cultural Center, and the local community
  • Answer the phone, schedule programs, coordinate with key staff, speakers, organizations and volunteers
  • Data collection; submit event reports and quarterly reports
  • Research and apply for local grant opportunities and have some knowledge of the nonprofit sector
  • Administrative duties including registration, set up, technical assistance, and clean up
  • Manage, lead, and train volunteers to help with events

Sales Associate

  • Maintain Rabata Cultural Center space & displays
  • Uphold internal Rabata collaborations - be able to work with other team leaders
  • Manage shipping & packing, inventory and tracking orders
  • Be responsible for wholesale sales, purchases and advertising products
  • Act as a liaison for all the contractors that help maintain the space
  • Maintain online platforms for website and social media
  • General housekeeping
  • Uphold a present, mindful, and happy demeanor
  • Be able to provide excellent customer service
  • Be responsible for data collection and reporting

Skills & Qualifications

  • High school education or above. College degree preferred
  • 1-3 years experience in sales and/or event management
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to meet deadlines
  • Motivated team player who takes initiative
  • Competence in Microsoft Word, Excel, WordPress, Canva, Constant Contact, G-Suite calendar (competence in all of these is a plus)
  • Professional and welcoming attitude in both written and verbal communications

Email resume and 2 references to Salary based on experience and skills. Please email for further details.
Deadline to apply September 10, 2020