Hajara Abduljebar

Hajara Abduljebar serves as an intern at the Rabata Cultural Center. This internship marks Hajara’s first professional experience. She is excited to have the opportunity to work on tasks related to her religion and beliefs. As a store clerk, she looks forward to meeting Muslim women from around the world who visit Rabata and is particularly excited about the upcoming events. Through this internship, Hajara aims to contribute her skills and learn from others, while also deepening her connection with her faith and the global Muslim community.

Hajera, an American-born individual of Oromo descent, holds a passion for her faith and community. Currently attending Higher Ground Academy, Hajara recently completed 8th grade and will be entering 9th grade next year, inshaAllah. While not involved in any extracurricular activities at the moment, she is eager to explore new opportunities.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Hajara indulges in various personal hobbies. Her Oromo heritage is an important part of her identity and influences her perspective on life and her interactions with others. She also enjoys playing soccer and takes pleasure in cooking meals for her family. Additionally, she has a deep love for reading and often immerses herself in books.



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