Anisa Osman

Anisa Osman moved to Minnesota from Toronto when she was young. She holds a BA in Social Science with a focus on Global Studies and Business Administration. She held various positions in administrative roles in human rights focused companies. She has a passion for humanity and helping others and plans to go back to school for her Masters soon.
Anisa was first introduced to Rabata through a workshop that Dr. Tamara Gray taught in 2019. She is also a new student at the Ribaat Academic Institute and is studying Arabic. Anisa has had plans to learn Arabic for a very long time and is excited for this journey to come.
She is the mother of two small children, whom she loves to spend a lot of time with. During Anisa’s free time she likes to read, reflect, yoga, study, and engage in self-care.  She has a passion for healthy food and overall healthy living.


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