Anse Nahal Dahman

Anse Nahal Dahman was born in Syria, where she studied Library and Information Sciences at Damascus University. She also spent your youth studying the sacred sciences including fiqh, tafseer, aqeedah, and hadeeth, as well as being honored and blessed to take the seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s) from with Shaiykha Anse Samirah al-Zayed May Allah grant her the highest of ranks in Paradise. She further received an ijazah in Tajwid of the Holy Quran in the Hafs recitation. She later studied early childhood education and has spent the past two decades teaching Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic. She has lived in Syria and Canada and now resides in California with her family where she continues to tech and serve the community. Anse Nahal began teaching tajwid with Ribaat in 2019 and currently teaches Level 1 Quran fluency.



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