Anse Nisreen Al Jallad

Anse Nisreen Al Jallad received her ijāza in the Ḥafṣ recitation in 1995 and has been teaching Quran and tajwīd since. She is licensed to teach Fiqh al-ʿIbādāt in the Shāfiʿī school and is licensed by the Ministry of Awqāf in Damascus, Syria to teach Quran and Islamic studies. She was a member of the Ministry’s Board for Review (sabr) of the Holy Quran, which tests students in tajwīd and ḥifẓ. In addition, she participated in developing the curriculum for fiqh and tajwīd that is taught in mosques throughout Syria.

Anse Nisreen is the author of “Zīnat al-Tilāwa fī ʿIlm al-Tajwīd” (the Beauty of Recitation in the Science of Tajwīd), which was published in 2010, in 2014 she was certified to teach al-Qāʿida al-Nūrāniyya. She has spent the past ten years in the United States, teaching Quran, Qāʿida al-Nūrāniyya and assisting in the ḥifẓ programs at various Islamic schools.

Anse Nisreen has teaching tajwid at the Ribaat Academic Institute since 2014 and serves as the lead of the Ribaat Tajwid Committee.


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