Anse Raghad Bushnaq

Anse Raghad Bushnaq was born and raised in Syria. She studied with some of the best teachers there, including those who have published works in the subjects of fiqh, comparative fiqh, tawḥīd, sīra, fiqh sīra, hadith, tafsīr, tajwīd, rijāl, and sciences of the Quran. She memorized the Quran in 1994 and later received ijāza to teach tajwīd in the recitation of Ḥafs. She is currently working on a ḥifẓ ijāza.
Additionally, Anse Raghad studied agricultural engineering at Damascus University and sharīʿa at Imam University in Saudi Arabia. In 2006, she returned to study Islamic Economics at Imam University.
She has also taught English as a second language at Al Rowad International Schools and developed a curriculum for Jewels of Knowledge International Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
She is the founder of Mozaic, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the Syrian refugees in the DMV area with the necessary support to settle, adjust, and adapt to their new lives. It is also an effort to provide women and children with educational and material support to motivate and empower them.
Anse Raghad has been an instructor and an active member in the Muslim community of the DC Metro area since 1989 and was an instructor at the Fawakih Institute. She teaches the Arabic language at Ribaat as well as courses taught completely in Arabic, such as Companions of the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him.
Anse Raghad has been teaching Arabic and Islamic Sciences courses with Ribaat since 2015.