Ikram Farah Hussein

Ikram Farah Hussein serves as the Assistant to the Executive Director at Rabata. After a brief hiatus from her academic journey, Ikram aspires to resume her studies at Metro State University, aiming to complete her degree in Business and align her education with her fervor for entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, Ikram currently is working towards obtaining a Ribaat Teacher Certification with the Ribaat Academic Institute, showcasing her dedication to both educational and community-oriented goals.

A first-generation Somali-American from Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ikram stands as a cornerstone within the team at the Rabata Cultural Center. With a rich background, she has served as the lead store clerk for a commendable two years. Ikram’s multifaceted interests and unwavering commitment make her a valuable asset to our community and a source of inspiration for those around her. Her role as Assistant to the Executive Director underscores her capabilities and dedication to the organization, further enhancing her impact on the local Minnesota community and greater Rabata community.

Outside of her professional roles, Ikram finds joy in exploring the diverse landscapes of the great state of Minnesota. An avid journaler and travel enthusiast, she embraces the opportunity to experience new cultures and perspectives.



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