Anse Raghad Alsayd, Rabata Administrative Director and Arabic Program, smiling.

Raghad Alsayd

Raghad Alsayd serves as Rabata’s current Administrative Director. She received her BA in Arabic Literature and Ijaza (certification) in the 40 Hadith of Imam an-Nawawi. She has been a dedicated student of Islamic knowledge and Arabic throughout the years, sharing her knowledge with children, youth, and young women.

Raghad’s journey with Rabata started in the Fall of 2012 when she joined the pilot Ribaat Academic Institute class, Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him), as a student. She later joined Ribaat’s Arabic program as an Arabic conversation teacher in the Fall of 2013 until the launch of the new Arabic program in 2022. Since 2021 she has been working in partnership with the new Arabic program team to support the development and launch of the revamped program.

Her spontaneous move to Minnesota in 2014, led her to Daybreak Bookstore, where she became a loyal volunteer. After two years, she moved to Winnipeg, Canada, where she worked in social programming for 6 years serving newcomer children and families in schools, while maintaining her diligent involvement with Rabata. 

Born in Damascus, Syria, Raghad spent 17 years of her youth there and worked as an early years ESL teacher. She currently splits her time between Winnipeg, Minnesota, and places around the world that her work and family call her to. She loves starting her day off with a doughnut and a coffee, and keeps a busy social calendar connecting with family and friends. 



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