Rabata’s Circles of Light program is excited to announce that this year, Pilgrims at Home is celebrating its 10th anniversary! 

Pilgrims at Home serves as an incredible opportunity for women from around the world to uplift themselves spiritually in the blessed days of Dhul-Hijja. Year after year, with hundreds of teams from around the world, Pilgrims at Home showed everyday women that the sacred days of Hajj weren’t reserved for the pilgrims in the holy cities. The blessed 10 days of Dhul-Hijja are an invitation for all of us!

Everyone registered receives a unique ibadah regimen prepared by female scholars. Working professionals, stay at home moms, students and more have this exciting chance to build their spiritual selves up! Through prayers, Quran, dhikr and even special Eid activities, Pilgrims at Home will inshAllah surround your home with angels and shower blessings into your life from every angle imaginable. Register yourself as an individual participant today, or gather a team of 5 and submit a group registration. We can’t wait to take advantage of these special days with you! 

This is a great moment for Pilgrims at Home teams from the past to join again and new Pilgrims at Home members to connect! A spiritual sisterhood awaits…

Pah 2020
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