Make Up Qada Prayers

It was in this month of Rajab, the 11th year after revelation, that the Prophet (s) was brought up to heaven, to the utmost boundary, to receive the gift of prayer. When the prayer, or salāh, was first assigned to us we were asked to pray fifty times per day. 

Upon the Prophet’s (s) descent he passed by Musa (a), who, having struggled with his people, advised the Prophet (s) to return to Allah (swt) and ask Him to reduce the number. He did, and it became 40. 

The cycle was repeated until five daily prayers were incumbent upon us. Musa (a) still implored Muhammad (s) to return and ask for a decrease in our obligation; but Prophet Muhammad (s) refused. He could not face his Lord again asking for another reduction in prayers. So it is that our five times a day of prayer equals fifty prayers.

Let’s get started on the Qada prayer journey together!

You can click on the link below to download a “qadā’ prayers” chart to help you keep track of the prayers you make up. I suggest that with each prayer you pray one qadā’ prayer, and for tahajjud you pray another day. That way you will make up two years every year. The chart has space for one year of prayers. When you complete it, print out another one and start again.

The prayer is considered one of the great gifts of this trip. It is the glory of the Muslims that we pray five times a day. We stand, we recite, we glorify, we praise, we plead, we bow, we prostrate. It is a beautiful prayer.

It is a prayer that we must do. If missed; it is not ‘no big deal,’ but rather a debt that must be repaid.

If you missed five years of prayers, then you must make up 5 years of prayer (you can subtract one week a month for ‘non-praying’ days). Just like a bank records deposits, you must record each prayer until you reach your goal.

There are three ways that people might miss a prayer.

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