Rajab Istighfar

Rajab Istighfar

Rajab is a sacred month. The practice of the sanctification of months goes back to Prophet Ibrahim (as) and was affirmed by Prophet Muhammad (s). Rajab is also the month in which Prophet Muhammad (s) was given the gift of the Isra and Mi’raj – his trip to Jerusalem and to the heavens.

Rajab, according to many of the ulama, is a month of repentance and forgiveness. If we are to consider that Ramadan is right around the corner, and that a requirement of our faith is tawba (repentance) than it makes excellent sense to utilize Rajab, a month of peace, to make peace with our Lord; to seek forgiveness, and to offer a complete tawba.

The Prophet (s) said, “Oh people, repent to Allah; indeed I repent one hundred times per day.” Thus the repetition of ‘astaghfirullah’ was a habit of our Prophet (s) – he who was forgiven and promised the reward of his Lord. Over time the ulama have, through experience, set the number 70,000 as a goal to be reached in the month of Rajab. Thus our goal at rabata.org is that each of us reaches 70,000 istaghfar this month.

In order to reach 70,000 istaghfar in the month of Rajab, you will need to do approximately 2,500 per day. These can be divided into the prayers (500 each prayer) or the morning and evening (1250 morning, and 1250 evening) or just done throughout the day.

As we make our individual repentance, let us keep in mind that the forgiveness of each of us adds to the collective blessing of the ummah – and we will try to reach a larger group goal of 10,000,000 Istighfar. It is my personal hope that Allah (swt) will accept our repentance, forgive us, and bless us, our families, and the countries we live in, with His miracle.

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