Rajab Istighfār

Rajab Istighfār

Our season of reflection and repentance begins the sacred month of Rajab. Historically, scholars have recommended that we prepare for Ramadan now and start our journey to make peace with our Lord and seek His forgiveness. 

At Rabata, we want to encourage a global season of reflection and repentance. Join us to strive for transformative tawba, forgiveness, and make an individual goal for 70,000 istighfār

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Oh people, repent to Allah; indeed I repent one hundred times per day.” The repetition of ‘astaghfirullāh’ was a habit of our Prophet ﷺ – he who was forgiven and promised the reward of his Lord. 

70,000 is a high goal. A beautiful goal. We want our hearts and lives washed from distractions and diversions. 70,000 is a special goal, one that scholars have encouraged so you may strive to reach new heights of tawba, stretch your dhikr muscles, and be rewarded with His forgiveness.

May Allah accept it from us and blanket our ummah with His mercy.

Thank You

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