A Gift

Anas (r) reports that the Prophet ﷺ would stand on Friday with his back leaning on a trunk that was set in the mosque and give a khutba to people. A Roman came to him and said, “Shall I not make for you that which you will sit upon and it will be as though you are standing?” and he made a minbar for him which had two steps and a third that he would sit upon. When the Prophet of God ﷺ sat upon that minbar the trunk moaned as the lowing of an ox such that the mosque shook, grieving for the Prophet ﷺ. So the Prophet ﷺ descended from the minbar and caressed it as it moaned – and at the embrace of the Messenger ﷺ it quieted. He ﷺ said, “By He in Whose hands is Muhammad’s soul, had I not embraced it, it would have continued as such until the Day of Judgment in grief for the Messenger of God ﷺ.” And he ordered that it be buried. (Sunan al-Dārmī, vol.1, p19)

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