Center Your Writing with a Writing Center By Tayyaba Syed

Making time to write is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. With family, work, classes, and everything else on my plate, it’s not always easy to carve out time just to write. What is even harder, though, is actually finding a place to write, which is very important if you want to make writing a priority in your life. Centering your writing by allocating a designated writing center is necessary for optimum productivity. You will have better chances of finding time to write and knowing what to write once you have chosen where to write.

Even if you don’t have adequate space, you can create a makeshift office anywhere in your home. If you prefer a location outside of home to get your writing done, choose a place that still incorporates many of the things listed below. The key is to bring the focus solely to your writing and minimize any distractions or deterrents. This can apply to students as well. Here are some simple tips for creating or finding the best writing center/space for yourself:


1. Keep the area clean and organized. 
2. Surround yourself with beautiful things that are soothing to the eyes.
3. Post an inspiration board nearby with moving quotes and pictures to keep you motivated while writing.
4. Focus on one project at a time and use a planner to organize deadlines.
5. Minimize clutter to allow room for creativity to flow.
6. Bring in lots of natural light.
7. Make the space welcoming with aromatherapy. 
8. Decorate the area with fresh flowers.
9. Stay hydrated.
10. Keep a notebook on hand to jot down ideas or notes while you work.
11. Avoid food in the workspace.
12. Place your phone at a distance from you.
13. If you don’t need to do any research, switch off the Internet.
14. Change things up every so often to keep things fresh in your writing center.
15. Time yourself to make sure you’re making the most of your writing space.

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