December 2019 – Danyah Aljammal

Since high school, Danyah Aljammal has worked hard at representing her faith and removing any misconceptions about who she is as a devout Muslim woman. She was the only one who donned a hijab in school, and she founded the Muslim Student Organization, which quickly became a great dawah opportunity as many non-Muslims became active members of the club. Through her activism and representation, Danyah felt empowered to preserve her dignity and Muslim identity. She continues to do this through teaching and motherhood.

Danyah was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but has since moved around to various cities in Illinois. She now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with her husband and two toddlers. In order to be the role model her kids need, Danyah is working to better herself even more by becoming a student with the Ribaat Academic Institute. She enrolled in the program this past Spring and has quickly excelled. 

“I feel a great deal of responsibility in teaching and guiding my children onto the straight path,” shares Danyah. “Developing etiquettes as well as God consciousness starts at an early age. In order to have the right tools to raise righteous children, I need to equip myself first and learn how to be the best person I can be.”

One of the biggest lessons Danyah has learned through her Ribaat classes is that no human is perfect and that each individual has the potential to improve herself for God’s sake. She states that the best of us are those who acknowledge their weaknesses and work towards bettering ourselves. She feels hopeful and inspired through the teachers and classmates she has encountered from all around the world.

“I love the concepts and teachings Ribaat is providing for Muslim American women as well as women globally,” Danyah says. “May Allah bless Rabata for all the work they have been doing and continue to do. The education it is providing will inshallah be passed down not just to individuals but future generations and beyond. I really appreciate that the classes are taught in an open, nonjudgmental fashion in which students feel comfortable enough to ask questions they otherwise may be too embarrassed to ask elsewhere. Very deep, contemplative thoughts and concepts are shared, leaving you in awe and hungry for more. One sees how beautiful our religion truly is through an educational standpoint and explanations from the Quran and sunnah.”

 During her free time, Danyah can be found taking nature walks and contemplating life and the surrounding creation. She also continues to give back to others by sharing recipes on her Instagram account @joyfulfishes. 


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