Anse Hafsa Abdul-Hakeem

Anse Hafsa Abdul-Hakeem, born and raised in Georgia and now living in New Jersey, has been a lifelong seeker of Sacred Knowledge. She began her studies in her youth with local scholars and later was able to travel overseas to pursue deeper studies in Tarim Yemen, Jordan and Egypt. She holds certifications in topics such as Tajwid, Fiqh, and Arabic grammar. Her hopes to pursue Islamic scholarship continued when she heard about Rabata and was recommended to jump on the wave by her community teachers. She found through Ribaat a means that connected her to the legacy of Muslim women’s scholarship and leadership. She graduated with the first Ribaat cohort, earning the Ribaat Teacher Certification. She is still studying but also enjoying family life, teaching and working in the non-profit sector in social services.

She has been a Ribaat Tajwid teacher since 2020 and is a teacher with Dragonflies, Rabata’s youth program.



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