Ustadha Samia Mubarak

Ustadha Samia Mubarak is the founder of Quranic Ocean where she teaches guided Tadabbur classes on how to build personal and emotional connections with Allah’s words. She completed her Quran memorization shortly after attaining her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology from Florida State University. She has taken classes with Fawakih Insitute, Tayseer Seminary, and Rabata, and is an ongoing student of the Muddakir Quran program. She is a Quran teacher for Ribaat and is currently working on an Ijaza (Quranic memorization certification) in Hafs recitation inshallah. She’s a single mom to two girls, one of which was born with a very rare syndrome called CHILD, and has special medical needs alhamdulillah. She is a home barista and the loves making latte art! She hopes to help people dive deep into the Quranic ocean so they can find comfort and reassurance through Allah’s words amidst the varying circumstances of life.