Anse Nawar Taleb-Agha

Anse Nawar Taleb-Agha is Syrian American and grew up in the Bay Area, California. On one of her first visits to Syria, she was introduced to a tajwid teacher and worked swiftly to receive an ijazah in the Hafs recitation from the late Shaykh Abu Al-Hassan Al-Kurdi (may Allah have Mercy on him.)  While studying tajwid, she fell in love with Damascus, and began to visit more frequently until she eventually moved there for three years to study Arabic, Tafsir, Fiqh, Hadith Sciences and more. During that time, she also memorized the Qur’an and received an ijazah from Shaykh Muhammad Nizar al-Kurdi.

Anse Nawar holds a BA in Linguistics and MA in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and has been teaching ESL at local language centers and community colleges since 2013. She lives in California with her husband and uses her spare time tending to one of her many hobbies, including crochet and punch needling.

Anse Nawar has taught both locally and online, and began teaching with Ribaat since 2015, working one-on-one with Ribaat Tajwid students.



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