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Emmanuelle Manigat

Emmanuelle (Eman) Manigat serves as Rabata’s Convert Care Coordinator. She completed her degree in Languages and Literature from Champlain College, Saint-Lambert in 1997. She then went on to study at the Ribaat Academic Institute where she earned her Ribaat Islamic Studies Teaching Certification in 2022, and continues additional studies presently. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Pastoral Studies with a Certification in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy, from the University of Toronto.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, but now calls the city of Toronto home. Emmanuelle is a proud child of Haitian immigrants. Eman is one of the mentors on the popular Muslim Women Convert Circle Facebook page, an exclusive space for convert women of all backgrounds from across the globe. Currently, this virtual space serves over 2,500 convert women.

She also currently serves as the Chapter Lead for the Rabata Toronto Chapter where she strives to bring Rabata’s ethos of positive cultural change to her local community. Eman also serves in the steering committee for Black Canadian Muslims, a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of Black Canadian Muslims of the African diaspora by reviving a sense of community based on Islamic principles, education, art, and support.

Moreover she is working part time for Ruhcare and Nisa Foundation where she provides counseling and psychotherapy. Eman is a caring friend, dedicated mother, and loving wife who is appreciated by all who know her.



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