Maryum Rasool




Maryum Rasool possess over 16 years of experience in fund development/marketing/project management and strategic development. Maryum and her husband share a beautiful daughter and son, were they currently reside in Michigan. She earned her Master of Science in Administration (MSA) degree from Central Michigan University and is an educator who teaches health care marketing at the college level and currently works as a Manager of Industry Relations. Prior to completion of her MSA Maryum spent three years abroad in Damascus, Syria studying Islam and Arabic, she received her Ijaza in Tajweed in 1999.

In early 2013 upon learning of an opportunity to share her Syrian experience worldwide, Maryum and other founding Rabata members set out on a journey to create an interstellar to advocate for a female voice in Islamic scholarship. Along the way, Maryum has discovered that this Rabata journey is a trajectory that involves the readiness of others to reach out to one another and she is inspired to do the same, fusing the bonds of sisterhood.