July 2018 – Stephanie Pitre

Ribaat Student of the Month ~ July 2018

Stephanie Pitre


Ribaat offers many classes in Islamic studies, but it also provides workshops and intensives on marriage, family, parenting, fasting, writing and publishing as well professional development courses such as speed-reading.

Stephanie Pitre of Ottawa, Canada, works as a senior program officer for an NGO. She embraced Islam in Sri Lanka over 7 years ago while backpacking. She was recently introduced to Ribaat and successfully completed her first ever speed-reading workshop with highly qualified and leading professional coach Anse Maria Shukri.

“I enjoyed it tremendously,” shares Stephanie, “as reading is one of my favorite hobbies. It’s a means for me to learn many things as I have various interests.”

Although the workshop was Stephanie’s first exposure to Ribaat, she was already familiar with Rabata as an organization and has been following its work.

“I like the idea of having a traditional Islamic program designed for women,” Stephanie says. “With Ribaat being accessible online, so many more Muslim women can be reached. I hope to begin Islamic studies through Ribaat soon, as my goal is to strengthen and enhance the foundational knowledge that I already have.”

Stephanie appreciates the structured curriculum that Ribaat offers to its students as well as the spiritual growth that the students experience.

“I am truly grateful to my beloved teachers and the Ribaat team for all their hard work and commitment in helping and motivating me to further myself on this faith journey,” thanks Stephanie. “Ribaat complements my journey perfectly.”


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