November 2019 – Yasmine Sayed

Yasmine Sayed is an active member of her local community in Maryland, where she resides with her husband and children. Born in Afghanistan and raised in the States, Yasmine received a degree in Biology and is currently working to pursue sacred Islamic knowledge. She is on the path to memorizing the Holy Quran and is also a dedicated student with the Ribaat Academic Institute, focusing on the Arabic language and learning proper tajwīd.

One aspect of Ribaat that Yasmine greatly appreciates is that the program is designed ‘for women by women.’ After feeling like she was not progressing in her previous Arabic program, Yasmine began searching for another option and found Ribaat. 

“What attracted me to Ribaat was that so many different classes were being offered with such affordability,” recalls Yasmine, who likes to read and exercise in her free time. “I think it is also wonderful to have a program specifically geared towards women since they are few and far between. I have comfort knowing that I have access to sacred Islamic knowledge right from home. I know that I can take so many great classes at Ribaat that enrich my mind and heart.”

Since starting with Ribaat a few years ago, Yasmine feels that she has learned to persevere towards higher academic goals for herself. She plans to eventually complete the Ribaat Arabic and Quran tracks. 

“The Ribaat experience has been nothing but great,” Yasmine shares. “I love that the teachers are women, as I feel more comfortable interacting with female teachers. Now that I am taking tajwīd, it is really important to me to have a female teacher to recite to rather than a male teacher. The Ribaat teachers are very knowledgeable, approachable, and so accommodating. Every teacher I have had thus far has made sure that her students understand the material and succeed in the class.”

Yasmine is paying it forward by taking what she learns in her classes and putting it to work. Currently, she teaches Quran in her own local community. She also hopes to use the Arabic she has learned to take more advanced classes that are taught in Arabic, as well as to go on to study the hadith sciences. 

“I remind myself and my fellow Ribaat students that sincerity is the key to any endeavor worth pursuing,” says Yasmine. “One of my teachers shared a statement with me, which keeps me going and persevering: ‘despite all our shortcomings, sincerity ultimately redeems us.’”

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