September 2019 – Malak Bokhari

Malak Bokhari loves books and has made her passion an intricate part of her life. She helps out at a local Muslim-owned bookstore in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and she is assisting in translating a children’s series on Imam al-Ghazali into Arabic. Malak has a daughter in college and a son in high school and has been a dedicated student with the Ribaat Academic Program for 4 years now. 

“I was introduced to Ribaat through Ustadha Zainab Ansari,” shares Malak, who dislikes procrastination and avoids it as a student. Ustadha Zainab is a resident scholar at Tayseer Seminary in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as a teacher for Ribaat. “I find Ribaat to be a great teaching source for women at the beginner and intermediate levels,” Malak says.

Since joining Ribaat in 2015, Malak has found her faith strengthened through the classes she has taken thus far. She also shares that it has enabled her to address challenges in her work, family and community life. Therefore, she plans to pursue certifications through the program inshallah.

“My goal is to continue with Ribaat to finish the Islamic studies and tarbiyah courses,” Malak aspires. “I also hope to obtain an ijāzah in tajwīd of the Quran.”

Malak is also an active community member. She makes sure to assist with local events whenever possible. Her sincerity and diligence is what makes Malak shine as September’s Ribaat Student of the Month.

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