SIR 202 Lessons Learned by Heather Alsayed

SIR 202 Lessons Learned by Heather Alsayed

Oh Allah, I want for my Sisters 
What I want for myself 
May Quran be always in my hand 
Not collecting dust on the shelf. 
May my light shine brightly 
As one of those in Eva’s dreams 
May I always have a kind word, gentleness 
Just like Sr. Hind Halfpenny’s
Sr. Rabia reminded us “Use Allah as your compass, you’ll never be lost”
And Sr. Amber brought forth mindfulness 
Where there’s no extra cost 
That our deeds depend on intentions
Be our authentic selves with Allah 
And the soothing, calm voice of Sr. Nadia 
We could listen to her read poetry, MashaAllah. 
As Umeda beautifully illustrated
“You are safe with me”
May we always be that safe haven 
For Sisters in our community. 
To all of the sisters in class 
And Admins we meet week to week
Ya Allah grant them Jennah 
Ya Allah give them ease. 
Sr. Syeda shared with us
A moment of reflections is better than 70 years 
AlhumdulAllah we’ve had many reflections
Shared laughter, even tears. 
These hours of learning together 
SubhanaAllah went so fast
Ya Allah may all reward and blessings be given to Anse Shehnaz
For sharing the lessons of the Prophet (PBUH)
With us throughout the week 
To remind us to be closer to Allah 
In the way we worship, behave, and speak 
Ya Allah make our journey rewarded 
In knowledge and hassanat 
May we always know you 
May we stay on the straight path. 

Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

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