SIR202: A Student’s Heartfelt Intentions

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Dear Beloved Lord,

Closer to me than my own self, and Who sees perfectly the secrets of my heart

By Your Unconditional Love, and by Your Generosity and Kindness, may this class be a means of seeking You and increasing in devotion to You. May I be permeable, open, receptive, filled with gratitude, and may I seek transformation. Dear Allah, by this class, may I increase in connection and love of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallim and his companions and family. May I truly love him salAllahu alayhi wa sallim more than I love anyone or anything else, and may this be a means of complete healing, and becoming a person of heart. May I see the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wa sallim in my dreams soon. May my bond with my mentor and guide, Anse Shehnaz, be strengthened and may I be kept close to good people who bring me closer to You.

Dear Beloved Lord, by this class, forgive me and purify me. Allow me to increase in service towards others, and to wish for others what I wish for myself of a life with God. By my taking this class, heal my family, alleviate the difficulties, and allow them to be drawn near to You. Dear Allah, by my presence in this class, bring healing and relief to the Ummah of Syedna Muhammad salAllahu alayhi wa sallim all over the world. Bless and preserve Anse Shehnaz, alleviate any difficulties or pain that she is facing and fill her heart with happiness and joy. Bless our teachers, parents, and loved ones with a long and blessed life and a good ending. May we have all that Anse Shehnaz, Anse Tamara, and the Ribaat team have intended for us, and may all of our intentions extend to one another, and encompass everyone in this gathering, and beyond.


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