Statement in support of the people of Flint, Michigan

Statement in support of the people of Flint, Michigan

Since April 2014, pregnant women, infants, strong men, bright teenagers and energetic children have been drinking poisoned water in Flint, Michigan.

When the water supply was switched from Detroit to the polluted Flint river to save money, the corrosive elements in the water damaged an old water system and lead began to seep into the water. Lead poisoning can cause convulsions, coma and death. Children exposed to lead can have cognitive damage, behavioral disorders, anti-social behaviors, anemia, hypertension and more. When lead negatively affects the brain and nervous system, it is believed to be irreversible.

But it is entirely preventable.

We at Rabata applaud the brave whistle blowers, doctors, and all those who first detected this crisis and then fought for solutions.

As Muslim women we recognize our responsibility to respond to injustice with efforts to make things right. We call on our sisters and brothers to react strongly to the Flint water crisis in one of the following ways:

1.Make a change with your hands:

a. Give money to legitimate organizations who are raising money to counteract the tragedy. For example:

b. Sign petitions that call on government officials to right this wrong.

c. Write to your senators and congressmen and ask them to do what they can to help the people of Flint.

2.Make a change with your voices:

a. Educate one another about the Flint water crisis.

b. Learn about lead poisoning.

c. Speak up at town meetings and call in to radio programs – take a stand for the people of Flint.

3.Make a change within:

a. Pray for the children of Flint; ask that God protect them from the effects of lead poisoning.

b. Decide to vote in the next election wherever you live, and vote for politicians who take their responsibility for the people seriously.

c. Learn more about the water infrastructure of your own city. Support policies that protect clean water supplies.

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